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Northern Territory

This is ‘adventure territory’ – from the dry, harsh and lonely deserts of the Red Centre to the lush tropical parks of the Top End, the Northern Territory has it all, but not the crowds! Visitors from around the world are drawn here by the truly amazing flora, fauna and the cultural diversity. It is estimated that the first Aboriginal people to settle in the area started coming here some 50 to 80,000 years ago, but it was only in 1863 when the territory was added to South Australia under British rule. It is a place of extremes; statistically, there are only 0.15 people, but 1.3 beef cattle per km2, Jim Jim Falls with their massive 160 m drop are the highest in the territory; Stuart Highway is the longest road with approximately 2,000 km; Humpty Doo is probably the place with the quirkiest name of them all and despite much of the territory being flat deserts and floodplains, Mount Zeil in the Western McDonnell Ranges is the highest peak with 1,531 m. The Northern Territory is an ancient land, and the fantastic Aboriginal history is ever-present.