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Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are the famous rock formations in Victoria, located along the Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles are a collection of natural limestone stacks standing just off shore that were once part of the cliffs until wind and water carved them into their present shape and left them stranded. Originally, the site was called the Sow and Piglets, the name was changed in the 1950s to the more majestic "The Twelve Apostles" to lure more visitors even though there were less than 12 left. Today only 8 apostles can be seen from the viewing platform as a number have fallen over entirely as waves continually erode their bases. A massive, 50 m tall Apostle collapsed on 3 July 2005 in a spectacular fashion; stunned visitors looked on in awe as they witnessed a remarkable display of mother earth at work! Sunrise and sunset offer particularly impressive views as the Twelve Apostles change colour from dark in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun. These are the world’s tallest limestone stacks and without doubt the most recognisable natural attractions in Victoria.