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Aboriginal Rock Art

The place to be for anyone wanting to see Aboriginal Rock art in the Northern Territory is Kakadu National Park. It was home to many different aboriginal language groups for over 40.000 years and therefore an open air gallery to one of the world largest aboriginal rock art collections; Ubirr Rock and Nourlangie Rock are the two best known places. The rock art one can find in the Northern Territory is a reflection of day-to-day life in aboriginal communities, the passing on of dreamtime stories, what food was to be found and what the landscape looked like in the surrounding areas. It is to be believed that the living conditions in the Kakadu region were pretty good as the local Aboriginals had time to create incredible quantities of rock paintings. In contrast, in regions where living conditions were harder, one would not find as many rock paintings. Today, Aboriginal art has become of high importance for remote communities as this art has become their main source of income.