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Willandra Lakes

This World Heritage site is situated in the Murray Basin, in the far South-Western corner of New South Wales, and it has received special protected status because it is an extraordinary example representing the main stages in the earth's evolutionary history. Furthermore, it is an outstanding example of significant ongoing geological processes. The lake system was formed during the last Ice Age; today the dry lake beds are covered with salt-tolerant low shrubs and spiky grass. Impressive dunes have been formed and erosion and weather have sculpted fascinating formations such as “Walls of China” in the Mungo National Park. The desert-like landscape is quite unforgiving, yet still, a vast variety of mammals, including grey and red kangaroos, echidnas and numerous bat species, live here. Aboriginal people have lived in the area for over 30,000 years and major archaeological discoveries are still being made today. Witnessing a sunset, with its spectrum of colours, is one of the most gratifying experiences for visitors to this unique area.