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The Coonawarra a strip of very rare and precious land that is only 30 km from north to south and only a few kilometers wide. It is famous for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines produced here. A combination of the Terra Rossa soil and the cool climate make superb reds that will tantalise taste buds. Coonawarra is an Aboriginal word meaning "Honeysuckle", the area is located 380 km southeast of Adelaide and close to the border with Victoria. This region has become world-renowned for the luscious red wines that are produced here. The Coonawarra is vastly a rural area, with a small strip of vines in the middle. Originally established as the Coonawarra fruit colony by a Scottish settler, John Riddoch, the first vines were planted in 1890. The Coonawarra is a corridor of great charm with even greater wines, vines set among towering gums trees, settler cottages and local natural attractions.
In contrast to most other Australian wine regions, Coonawarra was a specifically planned and most successful horticulture scheme. What was once covered by a large inland sea is today providing incredibly rich soil that produces some of Australia’s very best and boldest red wines. Numerous world-class wines have been created here, winning highest awards and recognition throughout the wine world. The coolish climate is absolutely ideal for a long ripening process, with harvest only taking place from mid-March to late April. The Coonawarra wine region is most famous for its “Terra Rossa”, a narrow strip of extraordinary, slightly reddish soil which, when sold, fetches prices per square metre that would match many expensive beachside locations in the country. The most common grapes grown in the region are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling.