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Bibbulum Track

The Bibbulum Track is an almost 1,000 km long walking track, stretching from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany in the South-West. It takes you through the heart of the South-West region of Western Australia. The track is one of the longest walking tracks in the world. It is named after a distinct Aboriginal language group, known as the Bibbulum. These people used to live in some of the areas on the south coast through where the track now crosses. The symbol of the walk is the image of the Waugal (rainbow serpent), a spirit from the Aboriginal Dreaming. The equivalent for mountain bikers is the Munda Biddi Trail with about 900 km of bike trails. The Bibbulum track has a walking trail for everybody, from beginner to the very experienced walker, there are many day walks or alternatively and for anyone feeling up to it can do walks of up to eight weeks.