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Shipwreck Coast

There are approximately 160 wrecks along the south-west coast shipping route. The Victorian Coastline between Cape Otway and Port Fairy was a notoriously dangerous stretch of water in the days of sailing ships. This marks 25 sites with plaques telling the history of the wrecks. Navigation was exceptionally difficult due to numerous hidden reefs and frequent heavy fog. The most famous wreck was the Loch Ard, on a direct route from London to Melbourne; it ran into trouble while trying to negotiate the entrance of Bass Strait. Fog and haze prevented the captain from seeing that the ship was only a short distance from the cliffs. In the struggle to change direction the ship hit the cliffs and sunk on the final night of its voyage. Only two crew managed to swim ashore. At the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warnambool the sound and laser spectacular ‘Shipwrecked’ is being performed which brings to life the tale of the Loch Ard.