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Karri Trees

Karri trees is a native to the more moist and rain-prone areas of the South West of Western Australia. The tree is the “mammoth of the forest” as it can grow up to 90 m, making it one of the world’s tallest trees. Its trunk extends straight up, usually with no secondary trunks; only rarely is there a twin trunk of the same diameter growing straight up from the seedling stage. Once a Karri tree is fully mature, branches will be present only in the upper third of the tree. Karris have a cream-coloured bark which changes to brown as the tree matures and the bark is consequently shed. After the shedding of the bark, the mostly whitish log takes on a patina of colours from white to grey and darker tones of brown. It is this effect from which the botanic name (Eucalyptus diversicolor – a ‘many-coloured Gum Tree’) derives.