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Fraser Island

About 300 km north of Brisbane, Hervey Bay is the gateway to the Fraser Coast. Fraser itself is the world’s largest sand island and is over 120 km long. There are about 40 freshwater lakes scattered around the island, and a large proportion of it is covered in lush subtropical forests. The East coast is almost entirely made up by one gigantic beach, but beware – currents and waves can be quite strong and unpredictable. The beach also serves as a major ‘road’, as during low tide, speeds of up to 80 km/h can be reached comfortably. The island is best discovered by 4WD vehicle or with a guided tour. Some of the most famous inhabitants are dingoes, Australia’s native dogs, and brumbies, wild horses. From July to November, whale migrations up and down the coast can be witnessed and often up to 400 can gather in the shallow and protected waters between the mainland and the island. Sighting these gentle giants of the oceans is one of the most gratifying travel experiences on Fraser Island.