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Yellow Waters Lagoon

The freshwater Yellow Waters lagoon is possibly one of Kakadu’s best known and most visited landmarks; it is located in the south-western part of the immense national park. Cooinda is the access point for what is the home to a myriad of birds, reptiles and mammals. The billabong, or waterway, floods every year during the wet season (from November to April) and it is during this time that the Yellow Waters become the temporary home for migratory birds like egrets, sea eagles, geese and most impressive of all, the majestic jabiru – Northern Australia’s very own stork. The slow flowing channels are lined with swamp gums, mangroves and pandanus; the lagoon is dotted with waterlilies of varying sizes that make an excellent hunting ground for the long-legged “Jesus Birds”. When taking part in a cruise, visitors get to see saltwater crocodiles, buffaloes and many types of lizard that sun bake on the embankments. It is best to join an early morning or late afternoon cruise as the local wildlife seems to be at its most active.