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Little Desert National Park

Little Desert National Park is located 375 km north-west of Melbourne. The park does not appear to look desertlike as there is a rich diversity of plants and wildlife, including more than 220 species of birds, Brushtailed Possums, Sugar Gliders, Kangaroos, Bats and many kinds of reptiles are seen in the park. More than 670 species of native plants have been recorded in the Little Desert. The best time to visit the park is between late winter and early summer when the temperatures are comfortable and the park is full of blossoms and a fabulous display of wildflowers. Although most of the tracks throughout the park are only suitable for 4WD vehicles there are two sealed roads which also lead through the park. One of the best ways to see the Little Desert National Park is on foot. There are three interesting self-guided walks in the eastern block. The three blocks of the park have a rainfall range of 400 mm per year in the north-east to 600 mm in the south-west. The range of soil types causes marked differences in vegetation across the different areas of the park, contributing to the astounding diversity of flora and fauna.