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Ceduna is on the edge of the Eyre Peninsula, a last outpost of civilization before the start of the big drive across the Nullarbor Plain to Western Australia. Ceduna is a patchwork of grain farms, natural bush and rugged rocky bays, secluded white sandy beaches, shelly beaches and ever-changing seas. Ceduna is far from bustling city life to keep its pristine conditions and solitude, and for those who love to explore the great outdoors. The Nullarbor Cliffs are South Australia's most spectacular coastal region. The Bunda Cliffs stretch for 200 km along the coast of the Southern Ocean. The white band at the bottom of the cliffs is the eroded edge of an ancient sea bed created by eons of marine animals' shells and skeletal remains. Standing up to 100 m high, the cliffs are a dramatic display on the very edge of a continent. None of the cliff lookout points is for the faint-hearted or for those who can't stand heights – it is an unforgettable experience to literally stand on the edge of the continent, high above the pounding waves that crash into the the rocks below.
The nearest town, Norseman, is about 480 km to its West. For people travelling along the Nullarbor, the town is a welcoming stop to have a rest and catch some sleep before starting the big trip. The Eyre Highway, the road you drive on crossing the Nullarbor, is named after John Eyre, an early explorer who crossed the vast Nullarbor plain in 1841. But it wasn’t until 1912 that the first car took on the trip of crossing the big Nullarbor Plain. Those who do not wish to drive can always catch the train across as it will still provide an excellent experience of  the Nullarbor Plain.