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Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is Australia’s best known wine district, located 60 km northeast of Adelaide, it is a place where one can get a real taste for the finer things in life! The Barossa is a relaxed and friendly place. There are around 50 wineries in the region, with the majority being open to the public. It is well worth exploring the region and visiting several of the wineries as they all offer something slightly different. There is a great scenic drive which takes you from Angaston to Tanunda via Menglers Hill, as well as a pretty walk through the small hamlet, Bethany, which was the first German settlement in the Barossa Valley. The landscape is scattered with churches and old cottages that date back to the original settlement of 1842. The old-fashioned architecture, the world-class cuisine, the lively local life, and the various culinary and wine-related festivals attract thousands of tourists every year. One particular favourite is the famous Whispering Wall of the Barossa Valley Dam. The Whispering Wall is a huge and curved retaining wall for the Barossa Reservoir. The wall is about 140 m long and has unique acoustic effects that allow sound to travel long distances - if one speaks in a normal voice at one end, this can be heard perfectly clearly at the other end - more than 100 meters away!