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In Australia there are two types of crocodiles; the estuarine or saltwater ones, better known as “salties”, and the Johnsons or freshwater crocodiles, also known as “freshies” amongst locals. Both are found in the hot tropical northern part of Australia. The saltwater one, while living mostly in salt water, can go quite far up-river and is the most dangerous of all crocodiles. Being the biggest and heaviest it can grow up to 7 m. The freshwater crocodile lives only in fresh water and is much smaller and less aggressive, it can grow up to 3 m. Over the years there have been repeated saltwater crocodile attacks on humans with many of them being fatal, so please be extra careful when traveling through Australia’s Top End and while camping along water ways. Observe warning signs and talk to locals, as they know areas where crocodiles frequently turn up. Especially the saltwater crocodile can be clever and observant, it is a good idea to never go to the same spot along a river more than once as the second time a crocodile might be waiting for an opportunity to arise.